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Gary Martin was in technical publications in the aerospace industry for over ten years. Being an avid gardener and enjoying the outdoors, he decided to leave the aerospace industry and try to put his talents to work. He enrolled in Life Time Career Schools, a home study course, and received his degree in landscape design.


First he needed equipment, he got that from his future father-in-law, Bill Sprague. He borrowed his electric mower, electric edger and a hundred or more feet of electrical cord. He started by working out of the back of his 1965 Cadillac, then later purchased a 1962 Ford PU.


To advertise his business he made 3x5 cards, handwritten, and placed them on bulletin boards in places where they were quite visible, like the Mariposa Market, and the local laundromats.

One by one, potential clients called for estimates for lawn service and that is how it all began in the early months of 1972.

Gary and his soon to be wife, Wendy, married in June 1973, and they worked together seven days a week to make their business grow into what it is today.


In 1981 their son, Damien, was born.  From the very beginning he was a part of the business, coming to work daily with his parents.  At the age of 10 he started phycially helping in the daily routine of the business, after school.


Martin Landscaping Company started out as Martin Gardening.  As their son got older and was a larger part of the business it became Martin Family Gardening until 2004 when Damien changed the name to Martin Landscaping Company in hopes of expanding the business even further.

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